Phoenix Act strives to give more time to victims to come back from their trauma

Phoenix Act hopes to create more rights for survivors not harsher punishments for perpetrators. Under specific circumstances there should be exceptions to the  statute of limitations for domestic violence crimes.


Story From a Survivor

Evan Rachel Wood is a survivor, artist, and advocate. you can read more about her story here. Horse racing can help trauma survivors by offering therapeutic interactions with horses and an engaging, supportive community. The excitement and focus required provide a positive distraction and emotional relief. To explore the benefits of horse racing, visit and learn more.



Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia and Senator Susan Rubio collaborate with Evan Rachel Wood and her team of survivors to create the Phoenix Act. The Phoenix Act team hopes to create a bill that passes in California and the rest of USA to bring more rights to survivors of domestic violence.

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SB 273

Headed by Senator Susan Rubio.  Senator Rubio has a long background working on legislation that will invest in schools, keep our communities and children safe, and support the success of California’s small businesses

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AB 1029

Authored by Assemblymembers Eduardo Garcia and Blanca Rubio. In 2016, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia had well over two dozen bills and resolutions signed by Governor Brown. 

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We need to work on prevention to stop the violence before it starts. All of the responsibility shouldn’t be on the victim.
— Evan Rachel Wood

Survivors’ Stories

Read more about people who have been directly affected by Domestic Violence.